This Hidden Camera Proves The True Nature Of Pit Bulls. A Must See!

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This Hidden Camera Proves The True Nature Of Pit Bulls. A Must See!

“For better or worse” is pretty much the definition of love. No matter how good or bad you are at something you do, if someone loves you unconditionally they’ll think it’s awesome. That rule obviously applies even with our pets (even more so) and that’s just another proof that animals, and especially dogs, do express emotions. Hell, they do it more clearly than some people and the way Doogie the Pit Bull shows appreciation for his owner’s music will make you laugh out loud.

Let’s face it, this dude isn’t going to win any music awards any time soon, but Doogie doesn’t mind, Doogie just enjoys whatever song his owner plays for him with such intensity it looks like he just can’t get close enough to the sweet guitar tunes. Who cares about fame, fortune and lots of girls? Even if this dude never becomes the next great music star, at least he’ll never lose his number one fan.

Here you can see how genuinely sweet Pit Bulls can be. They’re nowhere as vicious as their reputation suggests. Even though some people who watched this video joked Doogie has no appreciation for music, he was just tasting his owner, these kinds of comments are hurting hundreds of dogs whose owners abandon them out of fear. We hope you’ll share this video and break the stereotypes surrounding this gorgeous breed.

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