There’s Something Tiny Following Us In The Grass. Let’s Look Closer …A Little Closer …WHAT?!

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There’s Something Tiny Following Us In The Grass. Let’s Look Closer …A Little Closer …WHAT?!

Wild animals are usually scared of humans. But when they get themselves in trouble they will take any help they can get even if it means approaching the most unpredictable predator of them all – a man. A little bird that fell out of the nest or a scared fawn separated from its mom, they would be pretty much doomed without human intervention, but sometimes wild creatures seem to seek our companionship for no apparent reason other than their own curiosity or maybe the need for adrenaline rush, because the chances of them getting food from humans is as high as getting shot at.

However, as unusual as it is to see a wild animal approach a human just to be petted, it’s even more unusual to see a baby animal do that. The chances of seeing a baby skunk following some humans around are actually close to none, unless you decide to watch the following video.

These people went for a walk when something strange attracted their attention. When they turned around, it was a sight to see! Someone stinking cute was right there behind them and just wouldn’t leave – a little lost baby skunk, adorably cute and absolutely charming. I always thought skunks were gross and repulsive, but this little creature is so fluffy and just wants to play.

Never before have I had a chance to see these animals being so affectionate. Judging by this cutie, skunks may have the potential to become next trendy pets, if you don’t mind the smell, of course.

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