They Were About To Put Down This Injured Puppy. But 500 Miles Away, THIS Happens…

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They Were About To Put Down This Injured Puppy. But 500 Miles Away, THIS Happens…

This is at the same time the most heartbreaking and heartwarming story I’ve ever seen. Scooter was only around six months old when he was hit by a car and abandoned by his owner. Even though he was rescued his rescuer couldn’t afford to pay for his surgery, The Planned Pethood staff from Colorado heard that this gorgeous little pooch was going to be put to sleep so they decided to act!

Dr. Jeff agreed to treat this dog but the only problem was that this little fella was 500 miles away in Oklahoma!

Luckily, there is a group of animal loving pilots who provide rescue missions for free in Colorado, and they offered to fly the unfortunate puppy over! Finally, thanks to a pilot called Don, Scooter was in safe hands, but that’s not the end of the story. As the little sweetheart was two small, the doctors knew that the surgery was going to be complicated. Because of his lack of weight, anesthesia could cause a lot of complications, so they had to put him on pillows filled with hot water in order to keep his body temperature up.

Fortunately for Scooter, only the right hip ball on his hind leg was fractured, so Dr. Jeff was able to fix that easily! Since dogs carry only 20% of their weight on their hind legs it was clear that this puppy was going to have a normal, healthy life!

But for that to happen of course he’d have to find a new owner. Someone he had already met before… You wanna know who? Check out the video!

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