Monster Dumps Injured Puppy At Shelter Doorstep. Then Rescuers Realize Disturbing Truth

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Monster Dumps Injured Puppy At Shelter Doorstep. Then Rescuers Realize Disturbing Truth

It’s really easy to judge people, and say, “What kind of a person could do a thing like this?” but the truth is always much more complex. Here’s what happened and you’ll judge the person who did it for yourself.

A 11-week-old Yorkshire Terrier was found in front of the Animal Rescue League/Western PA Humane Society’s North Side. The pooch was lying there semi-unconscious, and was noticed by a customer coming in. The shelter employees rushed the puppy to the Veterinary clinic.

The doctors determined that the puppy had two broken legs and a slow heart rate, which was the result of sedation. Apparently, she was given sedatives before she was abandoned. This, among other things leads the doctors to believe that she was probably taken to another vet, was evaluated, and was told this was going to be an expensive treatment and that’s why the owners abandoned her.

Now, it’s easy to say, what kind of person could abandon a sick dog, but what is curious is that people blame the owner instead of the system. Think about it, the price for the surgery is $3,000,00!

Also, there should be some kind of help provided by the state that would enable people to treat their pets at more affordable prices! What if the owner was homeless, what if they were poor and couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery. At least they left her in front of a shelter, because they knew she would thus receive medical help. So they did care about her.

We are not trying to justify what they did because it’s terribly wrong, we are just trying to give a balanced report of the situation. This poor puppy was let down by the system, not by the owners, if you think about it. If the vets care about the dog so much they shouldn’t ask for their fee, right? But the thing is, they are asking for it, and we need to donate and help this poor puppy.

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