It Doesn’t Get Much Cuter Than This Adorable Kitten Dancing In His Sleep …AWWW

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It Doesn’t Get Much Cuter Than This Adorable Kitten Dancing In His Sleep …AWWW

Prepare for the most adorable video of your life. Yes, yes, baby animals are awesome, we can all agree on that one, but this is more than just a kitty sitting there derping around, this is the whole another level of cuteness and probably the best antidepressant known to man. Just try watching this without smiling. I guess the only thing better than watching this video is actually being there. It would take a huge level of self control to resist motorboating his pudgy little belly.

While mommy and her little one were enjoying their afternoon nap, the day filled with running around and getting into troubles must have caught up with this couple of days old baby appropriately named Twitch. Whatever he was dreaming of, it must had been super exciting because his little legs were all over the place.

Maybe he was dreaming of being a ballet dancer, quite an ambitious dream if you’re a cat, you’ll agree, and the way he was stretching his tippy toes is just too cute. As any infant, Twitch’s attention span didn’t last long and by the time this video ended he decided directing the orchestra with his tail suited him better, lol.

I just hope it wasn’t a bad dream. I don’t want this cutie to have a bad dream ever in his life. It helps you understand why there are so many kitty videos on the Internet. They’re so freaking huggable I never want to stop watching this.

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