A Brilliant Way To Keep Your Dog Amused For As Long As You Want

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A Brilliant Way To Keep Your Dog Amused For As Long As You Want

Experience has taught us that doggy toys are nothing more than a waste of money. Any kind of ball will keep your dog entertained, and the same goes for plastic bottle lids. Actually, plastic bottles themselves make an excellent chew toy, but they can be used in a more creative and pleasing way.

If you consider yourself crafty, here is a little challenge for you! How about making a treat dispenser? You just need a couple of planks and a few plastic bottles to create the thing that will be the center of the pooch’s attention, as long as you put some biscuits in it.

This inexpensive DIY project can be used in many situations. If your pooch is overly attached, make them one of these and they will have so much fun it will make them forget that you have left the room!

Bella in the video here is just enjoying herself and she is also super fun to watch. As you can see, she already emptied one bottle, but she’s not giving up. After every successful turn, there is a reward for all the hard work, so not only will your dog have its tummy full, but its IQ level will rise dramatically as well.

So the next time you go to a pet shop – ask yourself – Do I really need this piece of useless junk. Instead, try to be creative and make something your dog will love and that will keep their brain cells firing.

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