This Dog Wants An Indoor Pool, And He’s Gonna Make It Happen

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This Dog Wants An Indoor Pool, And He’s Gonna Make It Happen

Having a pool during a hot summer day can be a life saver. You get to cool down with a nice cold beverage while the rest of them just have to endure the heat. But then again, there’s no shade so you risk getting some nasty sunburns.

The solution for this dilemma is so simple, even this dog figured it out. An indoor pool. Most of you, and especially the pool owners among you know how ridiculous it sounds getting your outdoor pool inside, but Gus here just went for it and you’ll have to admire his enthusiasm.

Rather than begging his human do it for him like some other dog would have done, Gus took matters into his own paws and wasn’t afraid to work in order to achieve his goal. I don’t know if you realize how heavy this amount of water is, especially for a dog, so not only does this confirm this guy is ambitious, but it proves he’s like super strong. He’s not the kind of dog that would let something as dumb as laws of physics stop him from having his indoor pool. When there’s a will – there’s a way.

I don’t know how to feel about his freeloader buddy there. He was just skipping around refusing to land a hand. Maybe he just likes his baths hot and all of that pool relocation isn’t sitting too well with him.

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