You Have Never Been As Worried As This Dog When His Owner Dives Underwater

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You Have Never Been As Worried As This Dog When His Owner Dives Underwater

Dogs are wonderful creatures, no doubt about that! They love their owners unconditionally and every moment spent in their company represents the epitome of doggy paradise. On the other hand, in a canine world, never-ending seconds without a pack leader equal living in a continuous agony. You don’t believe me? Well, this overly emotional Vizsla will prove me right!

I am almost sure that most of us have an idea what separation anxiety is, but this worried pooch is taking the term to the next level. As you are about to see in this heart-breaking clip, the patient is suffering from “my master won’t come alive after diving in” psychosis. It’s a very difficult condition that will make the affected canine lose their mind and cry like a baby.

Eventually, sobbing and squealing can be terminated, but only if the dog jumps into the water to make sure that the human in question is actually breathing. Remember what we said, our furry friends love us unconditionally… Or do they?

In case you are in a position to replicate the setting, and you’re having doubts about Fido’s devotion, let this video serve as an inspiration for a sneaky little test. We can call it – You thought the dog really liked you. As the previous research has shown, there are two possible outcomes. Your beloved pet is either a laid-back type, not showing any concern about your whereabouts and optional drowning, or just like the star of the clip, a psychotic maniac who can’t live without you.

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