This Cute Armadillo Will Roll His Way Into Your Heart. Just Wait Till You See Him …Awww

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This Cute Armadillo Will Roll His Way Into Your Heart. Just Wait Till You See Him …Awww

There are some animals out there that are so cute it makes us wonder why people aren’t keeping them as pets. Sloths are one example of that, but then again, they do stink like hell. Armadillos however, I never thought belonged on that list. Maybe because their armor makes people perceive them as antisocial and not exactly as a cuddling material.

Rollie here, playing with his favorite toy will make you change the way you see these surprisingly cute creatures. The playful guy is so focused on trying to catch that thing he wasn’t even realizing he’s becoming an Internet celebrity. So precious.

Even though the Texans consider armadillos to be nothing more than pests, just one look at them from the unbiased standpoint and it’s clear that they’re pretty awesome creatures. They’re like some kind of mutant turtles or mini rhinos. Some would say they look like an offspring of a rat and a crab, but that doesn’t do justice to these guys.

Even though they do look kinda weird, when you see Rollie, well – roll and tackle his pink toy it will make you say “Awww” for sure. He just goes for it head on and what strikes me as their cutest feature is the clanking sound their armor makes as they roll.

Even though I’m not expecting a trend of keeping armadillos as pets to catch on (and it probably shouldn’t), at least we’ve got this video to put a smile on our faces when we feel down and that’s probably what all of us need.

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