If You Were A Cat, The Worst Thing You Could Do To A Dog Is Sleep In Its Bed

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If You Were A Cat, The Worst Thing You Could Do To A Dog Is Sleep In Its Bed

Whether you are a cat person or a dog lover, you are going to watch this heartwarming video over and over again!

From a feline perspective, it is all simple – dogs are hopeless! They just can’t a find a way to solve a problem as simple as ‘there is a cat in my bed!’ Cats are probably thinking “Come on, guys! You are bigger, stronger and allegedly smarter than us. Aren’t you? So you just do what you have to do, push the bed around, I don’t care, I am not moving. I really like it here, mainly because it’s yours.”

From a canine perspective, it is just too complicated – “Why is this cat in my bed in the first place? Dear owner, why are you filming me instead of kicking the little intruder out of here? Ok, I am going to deal with this situation myself. Bark! Yes! Bark very loud! Oh, no! You are still here? Alright, here come paws! Ouch! You, little! You are getting out of my bed one way or another! I am not kidding! Just watch me!”

From a human perspective, the whole concept is unbelievably adorable – laid-back, bossy cats, big and gentle dogs, tiny kittens and even tinier pups, winners and losers, friends and enemies, fighters and peacemakers, we fall in love with them all. If we had to choose a few scenes that have captured our hearts completely, we would go with those when kitties and doggies agree to share the bed, groom each other and fall asleep peacefully.

What about you?

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