This Brave Cat Walks Up To An Alligator And Does The Unthinkable …WHOA

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This Brave Cat Walks Up To An Alligator And Does The Unthinkable …WHOA

The animal world is a cruel and violent place and the winner isn’t always who you’d expect it to be. That especially goes when two species that probably never met before clash over a pile of meat. The problem is they never had a chance to evaluate each other’s strengths and weaknesses so in those cases, the animal that has the least respect for the other comes out victorious.

Now if this was a video about a rhino vs. an elephant or some other equally matched opponents there would be nothing strange about it, but this is a fight between an alligator and an ordinary domestic cat.

We’re talking about 800 pounds of killing machine with thick armor and a set of scary teeth set in a vice like jaw going against a creature that’s mostly known for doing cute things for hilarious YouTube videos.

Furthermore it was a cat that was starting the fight to begin with, because that’s not a kitty size portion of meat. It was obviously there for the big fellow. With a complete lack of sense of respect for other people’s (or alligator’s) property, this cat was not only feasting on it but had a nerve to fight for it when this alligator came to take what was rightfully his. After suffering several blows right in the face, the loser eventually had to retreat.

I’m not telling you who won but I will say only one thing though, it’s not the one you think that turned out to be a pussycat.

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